Elderly woman’s daily pizza habit ends up saving her life

The next time someone gives you grief for eating way too much pizza, kindly remind them of this story, then treat yourself to an extra slice.

82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis loves her pizza—so much so that she ordered a large pepperoni pizza everyday for the last three years.  Well, she did up until this past Monday, and when her order never came, one sharp Domino’s delivery person thought something might be up.  So the delivery person in question, Susan Guy, sprang into action.

From UPI

Guy said she drove to Wilson’s house and there was no answer when she knocked on the door and windows. She said she went to a neighbor’s home and was told the woman had not been seen leaving her home.

The driver dialed 911 and police soon arrived and found Wilson had fallen Saturday and was unable to reach a phone to call for help. She was taken to St. Francis Hospital in non-critical condition.

Police said Wilson’s pizza habit may have saved her life by leading to her discovery.

I suspect Ms. Jean Wilson must tip her Domino’s delivery people pretty well for them to go above and beyond the call of duty like this.  All I know is, if a pizza delivery guy saved my life, I’d go above 20% for that.

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