New planet discovered orbiting the sun!

Scientists believe they’ve found evidence of a 10th 9th planet orbiting our sun. This new planet is supposedly 4 times the size of Jupiter and should be in orbit, 15000 times farther out than the Earth. While there are no actual photos of it yet, NASA claims that the data has already been gathered by the Wise Space Telescope but hasn’t yet been analyzed. Mercifully, they didn’t name it Nibiru. Instead, they’ve named the planet Tyche (pronounced ty-kee), after the Greek goddess of luck.

If deemed worthy by the IAU, it would become the 9th planet in our system, after Pluto’s dramatic demotion to a “Plutoid” a couple of years ago.

Tyche, is deemed to have been herding stray comets, hurling them away from us by using its massive gravity. Given it’s supposed position, just outside of the Oort cloud, it might also have an active part in keeping those comets that make up most of the Oort cloud, where they are; Not anywhere near Earth.

This could well be the first time since the early 1960s, where a new celestial object is discovered by scientists, as opposite to being stumbled upon by a 12 year old girl, in her backyard, using her dad’s 3″ refractor telescope (or by Jodie Foster).

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