Walgreens sued for filling eyedrop prescription with wart remover


One of these things is not like the other.

Durezol and Durasal, two prescription drugs which come in bottles with droppers, were accidentally switched with one another at a NYC Walgreens.  So far, no complaints have been raised by any customers who cleaned their warts with eye drops, but at least one man has reported putting wart remover in his eye, and he is now suing the drug store for $1 million.

The wart remover Durasal, a strong solution of salicylic acid (the same chemical used to treat acne)  has the explicit instructions ‘Not for use in eyes’ on its label; however, the NYC plaintiff was recovering from ocular surgery, thus necessitating the eyedrops, and was likely unable to read any such warning.  As a result, he suffered ‘grievous personal injury’ and is seeking compensation.

Neither Walgreens nor the National Association of Spelling Nazis could be reached for comment. [Source]


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