Honours Student Pistol-Whips Mom to get Sports Car

Oh, the teen years. Filled with angst, anger and unreasonable demands. Not yet an adult, you still must abide by the rules of your parents, unless of course you’ve got a gun to pistol-whip them into shape.

That’s what 17-year old Rachel Hachero of Fort Myers, Florida, is accused of. The American teen apparently used a stolen gun to force her mother, Linda Hachero, into co-signing a loan for a sports car.

But Rachel isn’t the usual suspect in a case like this. In fact, she’s an honors student who’s been accepted into a number of Ivy League colleges on scholarships.

As the story goes, Rachel called her mom from the car dealership on Thursday, March 24 asking her to co-sign a loan for a 2010 black Nissan 350Z. Linda refused and daughter Rachel threatened to kill her.

That night around 7p.m. Rachel returned home with a 9mm in hand. Confronting her mother she hit her in the head, pointed the gun at her and demanded she co-sign the loan. Finally, her mother gave in.

Linda called police the next day to report the incident but insisted she didn’t want to press charges against her daughter because she didn’t want her to loose her scholarships.

However, authorities say they still have cause to arrest Rachel on a number of charges including aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony and possession of a firearm by a person under the age of 18. To make matters worse the serial number of the gun Rachel used is a match to one stolen from a Lee County Port Authority Law Enforcement officer.

It seems good grades don’t guarantee you’ve learned anything about respect. Ivy League or not you can still be a spoiled little punk who’s learned today’s American dream is to take what you want with firearms. [MSNBC]


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