Wanna Be Driver Attacks Examiner Who Didn’t Accept Her Bribe

Try and try again. If then you don’t succeed – try a bribe.

It’s the formula one British woman tried to insure she’d pass his drivers test. Jin Su has failed 5 times already and apparently couldn’t stand getting the big, red “F” again. Needless to say, it didn’t work and she snapped off.

During her test in Manchester, England, Su handed the driver an envelope with between 400 – 500 pounds in it (600 – 800 dollars) and said “ This will be good for you – and me.”

Without thinking twice the examiner, Kevin Ashcroft, refused the bribe and stopped the test and that’s when Su snapped.

Attacking the examiner in the street, Su tried to force him to continue the test.

Ashcroft called police and they arrested the angry-wanna-be-driver who told them the money wasn’t a bribe but for luck. However, she sang a different tune in court where she pleaded guilty to offering a bribe and common assault.

So lesson be learned… what we see on TV isn’t a reality. Most people can’t buy themselves a life. [Metro | Image]


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