Wrong Statue of Liberty used on US Stamps

Three billion can’t be wrong. Unless of course they are the 3 billion US stamps printed with the wrong picture of the Statute of Liberty. The stamps were supposed to feature New York’s most famous lady, however, the US Postal Service accidentally used a picture of the Statute of Liberty replica in Las Vegas.

Thanks to an avid stamp collector who brought attention to the mistake after noticing a bunch of things weren’t right – including the fact that the windows in the crown were painted on.

According to US Postal Service reps they are still happy with the 44cent stamp and says they would have chose that picture even if they knew it was the fake Lady Liberty.

Maybe next time they’ll use a picture of a miniature take home souvenir of Mount Everest instead of the real thing. It would be so much easier to control the lighting. And there’s a really nice mock Grand Canyon in China that would look really nice too. [Newslite]


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