Densest form of matter in the known Universe found!

Researchers at the LHC in Europe have discovered the densest form of matter, sadly they’ve named it quark-gluon plasma. Quark-gluon plasma is 100.000 times hotter than Jessica Alba The Sun, and is as dense as the matter from a neutron star. It is made up from exotic particles known as quarks and gluons, hence the name quark-gluon plasma.

I can hear your questions from here;  Can we use it to get the dishes clean in the dishwasher? (probably not although maybe if Mr. Wal-Mart gets his hands on the formula…) Wasn’t there a song in the 1980s called Neutron Star?  (No, it was called Neutron Dance and that video should be removed for lack of taste in clothes.)

How dense is it? If you had a cubic centimeter (about a teaspoon) of it, it would weigh 40 million tons. This would make it the exact opposite to aerogel, which is the lightest solid matter in the known Universe. It remains to be seen if a newer, heavier kind of music will emerge, preferably from Aston, Birmingham, and replace Death Metal, to only then wind up being called Quark-Gluon-Plasma Metal.

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