Gummy Bear Bratwurst Sausage Now Available

It started as a joke and now it is a reality… and a really big seller.

The Gummy Bear bratwurst sausage is a speciality of Grundhofer’s Old-Fashion Meats in Hugo, Minnesota. Owner Spencer Grundhofer says he makes between 50 – 75 pounds of them every week.

(As if sausages need more fake crap in them that our body can’t digest…. )

As the legend goes, a few years ago Grundhofer asked customers what flavours of brats he should add to his list of 40. Friend and neighbour, Joe Berglund, had the brilliant idea of adding those candied gummy bears that sit in your stomach for eons and never break down.

Grundhofer naturally scoffed at the idea but Berglund persisted. He sent other people over to ask for them or call in requests. After 6 months Grundhofer gave in.

“”I went and got some Gummy bears. I said, ‘you know what? I made them, you eat them.'”

Berglund did – and he liked them.

Apparently the sweet and sour tasts of the rubbery candy compliments the meat in the brat. Now Grundhofer’s looking at the future of candy filled meat sausages and experiementing with grape, orange and cherry Kool-Aid brats.

He’s even paying $25 per good idea brought to him by customers.

In a world where obsetity and diabetes are running rampant it’s nice to see folks trying to keep their food as pure as possible.



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    Is there anyway to get gummybear sausages in Wisconsin?

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