Chinese cities are sinking, sinkholes are swallowing up cars

If this isn’t proof us humans are destroying the world around us I don’t know what is.

Large cities in China are sinking into the ground, literally, and massive holes are popping up in urban centers like Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong. To put it bluntly the ground is losing its solidity.

It’s because of the mass amounts of groundwater being pumped to support human consumption and according to Linkexperts, Shanghai started slowly sinking in the 1920’s.

Basically, due to rapid urbanization there has been a need to extract more and more groundwater. This leads to cracks in the ground and a decrease in ground stability. The effects are devastating.

Sinkholes are popping up, sometimes swallowing cars driving on roads. The continued sinking ground levels can cause flooding in lowland areas and increases the risk of storms and storm surges. Crops can’t be irrigated and buildings are being damaged.

Government officials in Shanghai are taking the situation very seriously. They’ve started Project Recharge to hopefully find a way to stop the sinking.



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