Zombie Boot Camp ready for students

Are you afraid of the zombie apocolypse? Fear no more, the Zombie Boot Campin Driotwich, Worcestershire, UK is ready to teach you everything you need to know to kill those undead and save the world.

The four-hour camp cost about $100 US and does it’s best to prepare you for a zombie invasion firstly with training from military experts. Next up you learn how to use various weapons, like chainsaws, to kill those annoying undead. Lastly, you use everything you’ve learned in hand to hand combat with a warehouse full of zombies.

Wish.co.uk is the company that created the Zombie Boot Camp with the purpose of giving customers something “a little out of the ordinary” says co-founder, Richard Kershaw.

“It’s not every day you can say you have wiped out a warehouse-full of zombies, so it’ll definitely be a talking point amongst your friends!” Kershaw continues, ” Plus, if a zombie invasion ever did occur, you might even be able to save the world.”

Bring on the zombies. Those mofos are going down.    [Source]


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