Apple creator Steve Jobs action figure ready for sale

Gone are the days when action figures were only for soldiers, superheros and evil villains. Welcome to the digital era where tech-geeks also want to play with dolls and innovative geniuses like Steve Jobs, who will join Barbie on toy shelves.

Yes, the former Apple CEO and genius behind the whole Macintosh computer brand and technologies is being immortalized as an action figure, available for sale February 2012.

For $99 plus shipping, the 12-inch figurine from toy company In Icons, is remarkably realistic. A little too much. Even more remarkable is the fact that there are other Steve Jobs figurines out there. Who knew there was a market for this stuff?

There’s even an action figure of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, which looks more like a bobble-head than an action figure. Now you can buy both and play “let’s have a meeting about computers and social networking” instead of killing bad guys. Is this evolution in the making?

The company claims it’s to commemorate such an important man, however, something smells like capitalizing on the sudden death of a popular man. If he died at 90 would there be an action figure? Or maybe America just likes to have dolls of important American figures – like Snooki.


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