Police break up tri-generational meth operation [allegedly]

The Dixie County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of four members of a Florida family that they believe have been involved in the clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine.

Major Scott Harden expressed his surprise when it came to light that they had arrested three generations of a single family:

I can’t imagine someone sitting there cooking up meth with their grandson, or with a son or daughter. This is the first time that I know of that we’ve arrested three generations all at once like this.

The arrestees included 54-year-old Allen J. Brannin, his 34-year-old daughter, Amy M. Brannin, and her sons Austin J. Brannin and Tyler W. Cannon, who – in spite of their different surnames – are both aged 18.

Seriously though, young Austin J. and Tyler W. must be really, really stupid. They are, clearly, too young for the after meth mugshots – but they only have to look at mom and grandpa to realize that meth probably isn’t in their best interests. In case you were wondering, Tyler W. is the guy up top who doesn’t bear an uncanny resemblance to grandpa Allen.


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