Scratch and Sniff jeans that don’t need to be washed, every bachelor’s dream

my butt smells like raspberries...

my butt smells like raspberries...

They sound like a figment from the imagination of a bachelor who hates to do laundry but they are real and are already a big hit in Canada, the home of the company who makes them.

Scratch and sniff jeans from Naked and Famous Denim do indeed smell when you scratch them. Currently available only in raspberry scent, the company is working on other flavors including mint, grapefruit, eucalyptus and banana.

The smell is created by tiny scent capsules all over the denim which release the fragrance whenever they are scratched and according to the company the smell will last for five washes.

Now, before you start thinking, “FIVE washes! That’s not much,” it’s worth mentioning the smelly jeans have been designed to go for months without being washed. So five washes could be more than a year.

Dirty denim that smells fruity… fabulous way to mask the dirt.  Source.


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