Naked and Famous create world’s heaviest jean, WTF?

yes, those jeans stand by themselves - no trick photography required

yes, those jeans stand by themselves - no trick photography required

Canadian design company, Naked & Famous Denim, have done it again. Broken down the walls of conventional jean making by creating the world’s heaviest pair of jeans. A pair of jeans so heavy they can indeed stand on their own.

Taking two years to create, the 32oz selvedge denim jeans are made with the best in Japaneses production skills and have a 15oz leather patch on them.

The brutes are limited edition. Only 138 pairs have been made for retailers around the world and with a price tag of $800 they probably won’t be a household item.

And now for the question on everyone’s mind – why would Naked & Famous Denim want to make the world’s heaviest jean? Aren’t they happy with the world’s first scratch and sniff jean? According to their website, this is why:

“Most people ask me “why the hell would you make a pair of jeans that is so heavy and uncomfortable?” and it’s a fair question… I often reply with an analogy “Why would someone climb mount Everest?” It’s not comfortable to do, its not easy, nor is it inexpensive… people do it so they can say they conquered the tallest mountain in the world. I find that human beings are fascinated by anything that is a superlative. Well, these jeans are my denim superlative.”

Well, now they have indeed conquered the highest mountain in the denim world. At least the heaviest. No word if they will be popular in Japan where they sell heavy underwear to help you loose weight but this could be a great market.  Source.


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