University sells million-dollar sculpture for $150

Sargent Claude Johnson (1888-1967) sculpture - a million dollar bargin

Sargent Claude Johnson (1888-1967) sculpture - a million dollar bargain

One man’s art is another man’s junk… isn’t that how the old saying goes?

It seems this might have been what the University of California, Berkeley might have been suffering from when they mistakenly undervalued a sculpture done by Sargent Claude Johnson.

Undervalued might be an understatement since they piece is valued at one million dollars and they sold it for a mere $150.

The stunning 22-foot long piece, carved in redwood, is an important part of the art history of America since the artist was a prominent African American who was an important part of the 1930’s “Harlem Renaissance” period.

Thankfully, it’s now on display in a gallery in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t mean Berkeley officials aren’t getting criticized for the mishandling of the work.



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