Delivery man robbed by “ninjas,” stole all his marijuana

Ninjas have been known to jump out and scare people and it’s exactly what happened to a delivery man in California.

Delivering medical marijuana, the unnamed man was startled when a pair of ninjas jumped out at him. Described as being around 5’8 tall and dress all in black, the ninjas frightened the guy so much he dropped his bag of pot.

That’s when the ninjas showed their real purpose and scooped up all the weed in the bag, then quickly fled the scene.

Cops were called and it’s assumed the marijuana delivery man did his best to describe the masked men but alas, being masked would make it hard for them to be described. As to be expected, the ninjas are still out, possible patrolling the streets, eating Doritos and White Castle burgers, looking for more weed to steal. [Source]



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