Man freed of stabbing murder thanks to Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law" ... making murder easy

Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law" ... making murder easy

Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law has gotten a lot of global criticism after the seemingly unnecessary shooting death of Travyon Martin in February 2012.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not still being used as defense and getting people off of murder.

A 25-year old Miami man has been let off the hook for the stabbing murder of a man he caught stealing his car radio thanks to Florida statute 776.012. According to the judge, Greyston Garcia was “well in his right” to chase the thief down, tackle him and then stab him to death. Since he was “well in his right” that means he can’t be persecuted for the crime.

The whole thing was caught on surveillance video and the officer in charge of the case isn’t in agreement with the judge, telling the Miami Herald, “”How can it be Stand Your Ground? It’s on [surveillance] video! You can see him stabbing the victim.”

And of course there’s that little point that the thief was running away, indicating no longer a threat, and of course how can you run and “stand your ground.”

It smells suspiciously of revenge. Like the demon voice inside Garcia’s head yelled, “Steal from me? I’ll show you what happens when you steal from me,” and then anger took over.

But alas, he has been let off and the Stand Your Ground statute is still in the books.  Source.   Picture.



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