Orbitz quotes more for the same hotel if you use a Mac

According to Orbitz, who seem to have thoughtfully researched this, Mac users make more money, and are thereby willing to pay up to 30% more in travel fees which include plane tickets, hotel stays and car rentals, than their Windows using counterparts.

That in itself is not alarming, what is however astonishing, is that if you have a Mac and use the Orbitz site to book your travel, the results may surprise you: In tests performed by The Wall Street Journal, search results for hotels in cities including Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia and Boston were the same for both Macs and PCs. A New York search turned up more expensive hotels for Mac users, but only after the first 20 listed.

This is alarming because it makes way for an alarming trend in marketing where prices are not dictating by offer and demand, as they usually are, but by how much money the customer has, and how much of it they’re willing to spend. So far they’ve tried doing it discreetly. i.e. after the first 20 listed, but who’s to say this will not extend further. What if you use an iPhone vs Android?

There is also a really sad conclusion to be taken from this: Someone, somewhere, sat down and thought: “Hmmmm, how can I find people who are willing to pay more, for the exact same service?”


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