Robbers Stopped by Citizen Mob in China, Justice Prevails

Two would be robbers on a motorcycle were stopped dead in their tracks after a mob of people attacked them for stealing a woman’s purse.  One could say it’s vigilante justice supreme.

Caught on CCTV cameras you see the men snatch the woman’s purse, who then chases them around the corner, out of view of the camera. She must have screamed because people start coming out of everywhere and run to the aid of the women. That’s when the men on the motorcycle come back into view and crash their bike.

On the ground more and more people come and start smashing the villains with anything they can find – boxes, fists even chairs.

Needless to say, they were BUSTED. The woman got her purse and all her belongings back and for your enjoyment you can see it below.

Perhaps these criminals will think twice before they try a stunt like this again. 



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