Live shark found on golf course makes for strangest playing hazard ever

Golf is an irritating sport on it’s own, and the hazards found on golf courses—water, sand traps, little old ladies—just exacerbate the the hackers frustration levels.  But at least most golfers never have to deal with a live shark on the golf course, unlike a few duffers enjoying a round at at the San Juan Hills golf club in San Juan Capistrano.  What makes it even stranger is that the leopard shark found alive and frolicking near the 12th tee box was found four miles from the nearest body of water.

So how did the two-foot long predator make its way to the golf course then?  Melissa McCormack, director of club operations at San Juan Hills, seems to have come up with a fairly logical conclusion (via Mail Online)…

“Shark falling from the sky, kind of odd,” said McCormack.

Ms McCormack believes the two-foot-long shark may have been scooped out of the ocean by a predatory bird and dropped onto the golf course.

The creature had two puncture wounds near its dorsal fin and was covered in blood when it was found.

An employee of the club scooped up the shark and drove it back to the clubhouse, where McCormach placed it in a bucket of fresh water, then added a little salt before driving it out to the ocean.  Amazingly the shark lived thanks to the efforts of the club staffers. No word on whether or not he applied for club membership, but seeing that didn’t have the common courtesy to let other golfers play through on the 12th, I’ll say no.



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