Brazilian Man Walks To His Own Burial

When Gilberto Araujo showed up to the grave side to watch the casket go into the ground some mourners screamed, others fainted and a few fled. They thought the man in the casket was the car washer from northeastern Brazil.

“Guys, I’m alive. Pinch me,” the man told the people who were still standing at the grave site.

Araujo didn’t try to fake his death, like many cases around the net. Instead, his family made the mistake when they identified the dead man in the casket as their son when police brought them to the morgue. It had been about four months since they’d seen him and they thought the dead man on the slab looked enough like Araujo to be him. The sad part is that this is not even the first time that a Brazilian man has crashed his own funeral.

His mother, shopkeeper Maria Menezes, was happy and frightened to see her son walk to the grave.

“It was a fright … I’m very happy because what mother has a son that they say is dead then turns up alive?” she said.

But how did Araujo find out he was presumed dead and being buried? A friend saw him on the street and told him. If he hadn’t run into anyone he knew, it might have been a whole other story.

The dead man has been identified as a 41-year old homeless car washer. No name is given.
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