Sperm Donor Being Forced To Pay Child Support By State Not Mothers

This just doesn’t seem right….

Out of the kindness of his heart William Marotta, 46, decided to be the sperm donor for a lesbian couple who wanted a baby of their own. Answering their ad on Craigslist and with the blessing of his wife he went ahead with the process, giving the couple, Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer, his sperm to create their little girl.

Contracts were signed saying Marotta refused all parental rights. He even refused the $50 fee the couple offered him for his service. All he wanted to do was help them have a child.

However, the contract isn’t legal in the eyes of the state of Kansas where they live. Because Scheiner and Bauer used a syringe for the insemination and didn’t spend the money to go to a medical facility.  In the eyes of the state this means it isn’t a legal sperm donation so the state of Kansas is taking Marotta to court to pay child support to the daughter who is now three.

The reasoning behind needing to have a doctor present is that the doctor can then verify the donor isn’t involved with the mother. But then, wouldn’t a legally binding contract do the same?

Marotta is asking the judge to dismiss the case and it’s getting national media attention in the US.

Everything was fine until Schiener applied for Medicaid. Her and her partner have since broken up and although they co-parent their children there is a decrease in finances and for reasons not given Schiener needed Medicaid.  To get it she had to give the donor information to her caseworker and now the man who was trying to make a same sex couple realize their dreams of being biological parents is being put on the hook for his good deed.

Seriously, does this make any sense? He is only the donor not a parent in any way. Their lives in no way co-exist. He lives with his wife and foster kids and this is what he wants. Why try to make a person with a big heart pay for good deed he did? The child in question has two loving parents already and is presumably getting support from both.

I don’t get it. How can a contract not be enough? Unless, of course, the state of Kansas is also trying to make sure that the facilities and doctors who perform artificial insemination’s get their pay check too… which can be quite costly in the States.  [ Source ]  [ Picture ]



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