RCMP looking for people who tagged drunk man’s head with graffiti

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the increasingly misnamed horseback Canadian version of the American FBI, are looking for the people who spray painted a passed out drunk man’s face in Vancouver British Columbia.

According to Sgt. Max Fossum, the 48 year old man was picked up by local police as he was found heavily intoxicated and unresponsive, his face and part of his head and body had been spray painted with bright colors. He was arrested for public inebriation (i.e. being too drunk to realize someone is spray painting your freaking face!) on Tuesday.

“Well it’s actually frustrating somebody, first of all, would take advantage of somebody who can’t do anything about it,” he said, also stating that the man doesn’t remember having been spray painted.

Hey, in Soviet Russia he’d have woken up missing a kidney!



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