Woman Convinces Son He Has Cancer To Scam People

In one of the most disgusting and disturbing case of fraud of late, a 35-year old New Jersey woman convinced her son he had cancer so she could scam people of money through benefit events for the child.

Susan Stillwaggon has been charge by police in Pennsauken with theft due to deception and endangering the welfare of a child after she created an elaborate story about her 9-year old son being diagnosed with cancer. Telling the boy he had this terminal illness was the start. Then she told all her family, friends and strangers about the fake illness and attended benefit events people had for her.

In total she collected about $3500 before people caught on to the scam and she was arrested.

Stillwaggon’s mom says he daughter’s scam might have been more a case of mental illness.

“I will just tell you that my daughter is sick, something snapped in her head, don’t know what, that’s why she is where she is so we can find out what’s wrong,” the woman told media.

Stillwaggon is currently in a hospital in a psychiatric ward.

No word where the son is, however, it is assumed he is in good hands and happy that he is not terminally ill. [ Source ]  [ Picture ]


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