• man

    Naked Man Waving Lettuce Arrested After Crashing Wedding

    In the world of the stupid criminal… A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure after he crashed a wedding waving  lettuce. Yes, Kevin P. Gill, 36, was a stranger to the people getting married and all their guests. Witnesses report he pulled up...
  • cowtipping

    Old and faded: Shark attacks; New and deadly: Cow attacks

    While the media paints a terrifying picture of sharks as man-eating predators, most Americans don’t know that you’re twenty-seven times more likely to be slain by a murderous bovine. It’s true: Between 2003 and 2008, four shark fatalities have been reported in the United States, compared to a whopping...
  • william parminter

    FAIL: Man arrested for DUI moments after DUI court hearing

    Nebraska’s William Parminter was arrested on his fourth DUI offense and appeared in court this month to contest evidence; however, upon being spotted leaving the courtroom parking lot by his arresting officer, Parminter was pulled over yet again and blew a 0.238 percent, just shy of three times the...