Predator Pool Table, Luxurious and Frightening

The Predator Pool Table is yet another classy piece of billiard porn by way of Hurricane Billiards. The table brings together enough of the aesthetics from the sci-fi/action classic in a way that keeps things classy when they could so easily become kitsch.

As with Hurricane Billiards’ other pieces, this offers more than just shiny metal and aggressive styling, it is a top quality 8-foot pool table that will do what it is designed to do very well.

    Features include:

  • Aluminum and maple veneer frame
  • Stainless steel cable sets
  • Multi-bladed sabre pockets
  • Polished glass rails
  • Black speed felt surface
  • Integrated ball return

The Predator will come to you for $43,200 as shown, but as always there are options and things can no doubt be made considerably more expensive (if your pockets are deep enough).

Predator Pool Table Gallery



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