Congolese Military Officer Suspended For Drinking With Enemy Before Fatal Attack

A Congolese army officer has been suspended after he was accused with drinking with enemy Mai Mai militia members before an attack that killed six soldiers.

Congo government reports of the attack differ sharply from those offered by the UN peacekeeping mission. The government reported that the dead included: one government soldier, a civilian woman, and four Mai Mai. The UN, on the other hand, report that six soldiers, one Mai Mai and a civilian were killed.

Regarding the officer who was suspended, Major Leon, a battalion commander based in the town of Nyamilima stated:

He was drinking in the camp with the Mai Mai that then came and attacked.

Since different rebel groups and militias were brought into the Congo army last year, loyalties amongst soldiers are likely to be mixed. In Nyamilima, this situation is heightened by the the desertion of many former rebels from the military earlier in the month.




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