Five-Year-Old Shoots and Kills 800-Pound Gator


Some big-game hunters go their entire lives without making that one, big trophy kill.  Unless you’re Simon Hughes of Texas–he claimed his trophy kill at all of 5-years of age.

Simon and his dad Scott were doing some father-son bonding on their ranch outside Houston.  The elder Hughes had obtained a permit to shoot and kill two of the 40 gators that call his ranch home.

The pair came across an 800-pound alligator, which was quickly shot by Simon and his .410 gauge shotgun.  The gator ended up being 20 times the size of little Simon, but even that didn’t put an ounce of fright in the boy.

“I wasn’t afraid for a second,” said Simon.  “Next year I’m going to kill me a bigger alligator.”

The boy plans to bring the mounted head in to class for show and tell–which will easily make him the most popular kid in class. [Telegraph UK]


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