Swine Flu Fears Lead to Automatic Holy Water Dispenser

holywaterThe H1N1 virus, or swine flu if  you will, has got the world in a state of panic.  Citizens are so fearful of catching the dreaded disease, they’ll go to amazing lengths to stay healthy.

But leave it to the Italians to go that extra mile.

An Italian inventor, and obviously devout Catholic, has invented an electronic holy water dispenser.  The terracotta dispenser functions exactly like the automatic soap dispenser in public washrooms.  A simple wave of the hand activates the dispenser to release a small amount of holy water.

This incredible act of ingenuity has been a boon to many of the deeply religious Italians in the northern town of Fornaci di Briosco, who had foregone the usual custom of dipping their hands in a communal vat of holy water for fear of contracting the swine flu.

The man who invented the dispenser, Luciano Marabese, initially came up with the device because he feared the swine flu was eroding traditions.  Of course, with Marabese’s invention being such a success, comes the financial rewards as well.  As news of his dispenser spread, the orders have been coming in fast and furious from all over the world.  Luciano Marabese is on his way to becoming a very rich man.

And he’s got the swine flu to thank for it.

[Canoe.ca, Image]


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