Beckham Indecently Assaulted By Italian Reporter

David Beckham was accosted by an Italian woman who was eager to know the size of his testicles.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that while Beckham was talking to the press outside a Milan hotel, Italian journalist Elena di Cioccio donned a pair of rubber gloves before saying:

I want to find out how big his testicles are!

She then made her move on the man affectionately known as Goldenballs, only to be less than impressed. As Beckham “recoiled in shock” and glared at her, the blond reporter noted that he did not live up to the well-hung image promoted by Armani:

E piccolo, Beckham (Beckham is small).

Later the irrepressible reporter was filmed running alongside his car shouting:

You’ve taken us for a ride! How could you, David!

Still, what he presumably lacks in size, he may possibly make up for in quality, as di Cioccio was seemingly moved by the experience. After the experience, she told her camera crew for The Hyenas:

Mmm, my God. I touched his balls.

One might initially be tempted to be amused by this, but if the genders of the offender and the victim were reversed people would be justifiably outraged.


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