Man Filed False Robbery Report to Hide Act of Charity

Whoever came up with the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” must know this poor fellow’s wife.  From the sounds of it, she definitely wears the pants in the family.

Timothy Ray Sutton, 23, of Clarksville, Tennessee, was arrested and charged this past Thursday with filing a false police report.  The strange part is not so much that he was arrested, but more for the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

Not only is Sutton young and married, he may also be one of the most henpecked husbands on the planet.  Sutton, in a moment of altruism, gave $5 to a homeless person.  Most of us have thrown a few bucks, or some loose change, to a person living on the street, just as most of us have never been arrested for doing so.

But Sutton was so afraid to tell his wife that he reported being robbed on the Monday prior to his arrest.  The young man told police he felt something hard being jabbed in his back, and that a man had demanded money from him as he unlocked his car.

Cops were able to figure out the story was a hoax, based partially on the fact that Sutton could neither identify the suspect, or claim of seeing any weapon.

Bail is set at $1000–or $995 more than if Sutton had told the truth to begin with.  Wonder what his wife thinks of that?

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