Bomb Squad Responds to Misplaced Fancy-dress Prop

Havelock North, New Zealand: Bomb squad officers were called to a New Zealand football field on Monday on account of what appeared to be an improvised explosive device.

As it turned out, the “explosives” had been misplaced by a fancy-dress party-goer, who had been dressed as a terrorist. The New Zealand Herald reports that the prop, which looked like explosive sticks with a wick, were found by a parent as a children’s soccer team was preparing to take the field.

After questioning witnesses, local police realized that the “bomb” had been part of someone’s costume.

A police spokesman explained:

We spoke to some people who had been to the party and they said someone had gone as a terrorist wearing a fake bomb. A couple of the partygoers went to the scene and confirmed the object had been part of the costume. They said the partygoers had gone down to the park to have a game of soccer and took off some of their costuming to take part. It was unintentionally left there.

Charges are not expected to be laid. Sadly, bad taste and forgetfulness do not seem to be crimes in New Zealand.




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