Cellphone Use During Movie Leads to Vicious Attack

Cellphones, despite all the benefits they provide (ie. safety, security, accessibility, enhanced productivity), are still a nuisance to many.  Especially anyone sitting within 10 feet of someone using a cellphone during a movie–which is why theaters kindly ask patrons to shut their cellphones off during shows.

Most people adhere to this request.  Some do not.

So when someone sitting near you starts yapping on their cellphone during a movie you paid $8 to see, chances are you, or someone beside you, is going to say something to that incredibly inconsiderate and rude person.  Best case scenario–they apologize and turn their phone off.  Worst case scenario–keep reading.

At a recent Los Angeles screening of Leonard DiCaprio’s new film, Shutter Island, a man complained about a woman sitting near him, who happened to be talking on her cellphone.  The woman and her two companions left the theater, only to return a few minutes later, and stab the gentleman in the neck…with a meat thermometer.


Two moviegoers who aided the injured man were themselves injured in the melee.  And, unlike a lot of movies, this story doesn’t have a happy ending.  The victim ended up in hospital with serious injuries, and the attackers who tried taking his internal temperature remain at large.

[LA Times, Image]


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