Woman Causes Car Accident While Shaving Her Private Parts

Key West, Florida: Apparently someone didn’t get the memo–it’s never a good idea to shave your private area while cruising down the highway.  Does this mean that lawmakers are going to have to amend the law to include bikini-area shaving, along with texting and cellphone use, as no-no’s while driving?

Megan Barnes, 37, was involved in a two vehicle collision on her way to a rendezvous with her boyfriend in Key West.  No big deal, right?  Still not a big deal after finding out that she was the driver at fault.

No big deal that is, until the details of the accident emerge.  Barnes figured she’d “freshen up” as it were for her date, but with little time to spare, decided to save some time and shave her privates en route.  Weird enough, until you find out that she got her ex-boyfriend to steer from the passenger seat while she “cleaned up the forest,” as it were.

It was during this time that the couple rear-ended another vehicle, then continued driving so that the pair could do the old switcheroo–except that the airbag burns on the ex’s chest gave them away.  The driver side airbag didn’t deploy on impact.

And if that weren’t bad enough, Barnes shouldn’t have been behind the wheel of a car…for 5 years.  The day before the accident, Barnes was convicted of DUI, had her license revoked for five years, her car was to be impounded, and she was sentenced to nine months probation.

But love makes people do crazy things–and Ms. Barnes will have plenty of time for “personal grooming” since she faces a possible year in prison for violating her probation.

Megan Barnes Mugshot


[Keys News, Image via Wikipedia]


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