Prisoner Gets 20 Years For Cigarette Run

Camden County Jail, Georgia: Twenty-six-year-old Harry Jackson has been given 20 years to think about where his unplanned excursion from Camden County Jail to pick up 14 cigarette packs from a store window went wrong.

Jackson told the court that his escape and subsequent re-entry into the prison had been unplanned. He said that he had headed to the yard to pick up some cigarettes that were supposed to be thrown over the fence. They weren’t and presumably his nicotine cravings got the best of him.

Prosecutors explained that he climbed over the fence, ran to a conveniently located convenience store, smashed a window and grabbed 14 packets of cigarettes. Metro reports that Jackson then headed back to jail with his cigarettes, where he was arrested.

Jackson received little sympathy for his guilty pleas to burglary and escape charges, his desire to return to prison or the fact that he was originally jailed for a relatively minor crime – driving on a suspended license. Perhaps he should have made a run for it.


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