Cause of Death? Toilet Brush in the Buttock

Well, indirectly the toilet brush embedded in Cindy Corton’s buttock caused her untimely death, but there were other mitigating factors that led to her passing.

In 2005, a drunken accident led to the six-inch plastic toilet brush handle becoming lodged in Corton’s buttock.  You’d think that a chunk of plastic half-a-foot long would be fairly easy to detect, medically speaking.  You would, of course, be wrong.

Corton visited the hospital the night of the incident, but doctors couldn’t locate the toilet brush handle, and sent the woman home with painkillers.  For the next two years Corton tried, in vain, to convince doctors at various hospitals that she did, indeed, have a toilet brush handle stuck in her buttock.  But testing always came up empty.

Finally, sometime in 2007, an MRI scan revealed the uncomfortable hunk of plastic in Ms. Corton’s butt.  Two surgeries that year proved unsuccessful in extracting the handle.  Last year surgeons performed a much riskier surgery on Corton, with disastrous results.

Sadly, Cindy Corton died during the procedure after suffering a huge blood loss.

Not surprisingly, Corton’s family are taking legal action against the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, for their ineptitude and negligence, which directly contributed to Corton’s death.



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