Golfer Inadvertently Starts 12-Acre Blaze With Shot Out of the Rough

If you’re a golfer, chances are you’ve had a bad round here or there.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve had plenty.

Next time you have yourself a particularly poor round just remember—you could be this guy.

Seems a golfer enjoying a round at the Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine, Calif. had a bit of trouble when a wayward shot landed in some rough.  Hitting a ball out of the rough is a fairly difficult task, but most golfers know what to expect—it’s hard to hit the ball clean, and even when you hit it, chances are it doesn’t come out of the rough as nice and straight as you’d like.

This unfortunate fellow’s shot did more than that—it started a 12-acre blaze that took over seven hours, and 200 firefighters, to extinguish.

Apparently the golfer’s club head struck a rock, which is usually no big deal, except that this time a spark was formed, setting off the blaze.  Now you won’t feel so bad next time you shank one through someone’s window, now will you?

To me the story sounds a bit fishy, especially when I think of how my buddies and I act when we’re on the golf course.  But until I hear otherwise, I’ll believe this guys rather incredible “stroke” of bad luck.

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