South Korean couple starve real baby to take care of vitual child

internet cafes - a feeding place for the online addict

This is disgusting. And once again, adds proof to my theory that people should be interviewed before having kids.

A couple in South Korea has been arrested after they starved their newborn baby to death. It wasn’t an intentional starving. They were just too busy raising their virtual daughter to take care of their real life child.

Basically, they’ve admitted to feeding their 3-month old daughter approximately once a day because they were spending about 12 hours a day in an internet café playing Prius Online and raising their virtual child Anima.

What possessed them to this degree of online obsession?

Both the 41-year old husband and 25-year old wife had lost their jobs and say they went into their computer world to “escape from reality.”

The fact that no one saw this happened is very tragic and the poor baby was dead for five months before the couple was arrested.

If you give life you have a responsibility to provide for that life no matter what hardships fall on you.

If you can’t… find a better home for your child.



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