Woman Made to Clean Her Hospital Room… After Giving Birth

I know things are tough all over, and hospital cutbacks are at an all-time high, but this is ridiculous.

Note to self–never be admitted to Sundsvall hospital northern Sweden.  How bad is it?  Let’s just say it’s akin to doing dishes at a restaurant to help pay for your meal.

Elin Andersson was a patient at said hospital for the birth of her second child via caesarean section.  Things went smoothly before and during the birth of her child.  It wasn’t until afterwards that Andersson found out firsthand how bad the staffing issues were within the hospital.

First there was the constant reminders to staff about prescribed medication.  Then her husband was asked to aid in his wife’s care.

But the worst was yet to come.

Two days after her c-section, Andersson felt well enough to go home.  She told this to her midwife, who agreed, once she performed one final task.  It was at this point that the midwife fetched a big white laundry bag and instructed Andersson to clean the room.

”That was when the midwife said I had one final task to perform. Then she went and got a big white laundry bag and asked me to clean out the room and the bed where I had lain,” she told the newspaper.

Wow…just, wow.

You’d think that the midwives at the hospital would dispute Andersson’s story, but no, they agree 100% that stuff like that takes place all the time at their work.

Good thing Andersson didn’t pass away, otherwise the hospital would have expected her to perform her own autopsy.

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