Man rescues friend from monster crocodile using bare fists

A Northern Territory man is lucky to be alive after a hunting trip in the Adelaide River region nearly ended with him becoming lunch.

The Adelaide River is famous for its population of large salt water crocodiles, so what possessed our unnamed plumber to take his dogs for a wash at its banks is not clear. At any rate, when he did a crocodile (believed to be up to four meters in length) emerged from the murky depths and tried to drag him into the water.

As I see it there are two, possibly three options that a person can take when a cold blooded killing machine grabs hold of their hunting buddy.

    You can…

  • A) Keep a safe distance and accept that trying to help your friend will probably result in two deaths instead of one. Sure it’s sad, but you live to hunt another day.
  • B) Run back to get your gun. In reality your car is too far away, but you get to skip the guilt of choosing option A.
  • C) Free your hunting buddy from the hungry reptile using your bare hands.

The nameless hero of today’s story took option C. He ran straight over to his friend, then punched and wrestled the crocodile, which let go.

The man was treated in hospital and released several days later. The extent of his injuries is unclear, as he requested privacy. However, it is known that he has been unable to return to work. [NT News]


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