Uninvited guest barges into home and vomits on Christmas Eve

Does this look like the face of a man who would barge uninvited into a family’s house just so he could vomit twice?

Yes, yes it does—either that, or Santa Claus has really let himself go.

Lester Bagwell, of Kokomo, Ind., was arrested early Friday morning, Christmas Eve day if you will, after he allegedly forced his way into a home at around 7:30 a.m.  and proceeded to make his way to the bathroom, where he vomited twice.  Cops were called after Bagwell refused to leave.

“When deputies arrived on scene, the unwelcome guest invited the officers in and told them he was from New Orleans,” Howard County Sheriff Marty Talbert said.

Well, Bagwell was close…and by close I mean way off.  Police say our neighborhood friendly vomiter is actually from the Orleans subdivision, several miles away from the Terrace Meadows neighborhood where Bagwell was arrested.

Bagwell was charged with public intoxication and residential entry.

Who knows—maybe Bagwell was just spreading his unique brand of Christmas cheer, one puke stained bathroom at a time.

[The Indy Channel]


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