Shoplifter busted hiding shoes under her breasts

I’ll never understand what drives a person to shoplift in this day and age.  Must be a healthy combination of daring and stupidity, heavier on the latter, to make someone resort to stealing from stores that are loaded with the latest cameras, sensors, and whatnot, all designed to prevent shoplifting.

Still people are going to shoplift, although I doubt any shoplifter has tried sneaking their stolen goods out of the store by hiding them under their breasts.

And before I go any further, I’ll save you the suspense and tell you that yes, this took place in Florida, as many of these bizarre stories do.  I’m sure you would’ve figured it out anyway.

A man and woman were charged with retail theft after a November 29 video showed them stealing clothes from a store at Beall’s Outlet.  The arrest report states that the unidentified woman would take clothes, hand them to the unidentified man who would roll them up before passing them back to his accomplice.  Most of the items she slid into her purse, except for a pair of shoes she hid in a special place.

Under her breasts.

The thieving couple were arrested outside of the store and held until police arrived.  They were charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor, and made to return the items they took.

Note to self—if shopping at Beall’s Outlet in Clearview, Florida, do not purchase any woman’s shoes for my wife unless they’ve been sterilized and blessed by a priest.

[NWF Daily News]


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