Woman Sues McDonald’s, Claims Employee Spat on Her—Food Unharmed

Now, is that better or worse than the employee doing the usual and spitting in your food, unbeknownst to you?

Sarah Thienes is suing a Chicago area McDonald’s after she claims an employee spit on her while she was going through the drive-thru on December 13, 2009.  Thienes visited the restaurant in a taxi cab at around 3:50 a.m. and ordered a cheeseburger.  That’s when things went sour, according to the alleged victim.

An employee allegedly told her in an “aggressive, unfriendly tone” that only breakfast menu items were available and that Thiesen couldn’t have a cheeseburger, according to the suit.

When Thienes tried to order a ham, egg and cheese bagel, the employee “yelled” that bagel sandwiches didn’t come with ham, so the woman ordered a bagel sandwich with bacon instead, the suit said.

Apparently conforming to the McDonald’s breakfast menu rules wasn’t enough for the employee, because according to Thienes, the employee continued to berate her, right up until the taxi pulled in front of the drive-thru window.  That’s when, as the lawsuit states, that the employee “stuck her head out of the window and spit directly onto [Thienes’] face.”

If true, that’s pretty nasty.  At least when they spit in your food, you remain blissfully unaware that you’re ingesting someone else’s loogie.  I’d prefer to remain ignorant, thank you very much.

Thienes’ lawsuit claims intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery and negligence, and is seeking $300,000 in damages.

One question—what is the victim doing in a taxi at 3:50 a.m. at a McDonald’s drive-thru.  Doesn’t she know nothing good ever happens after 3 a.m., especially at a fast food restaurant in Chicago?  I thought that was common knowledge.

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