110-year-old prepares to marry for the 6th time.

Ahmad Mohamad Isa, is a 110-year-old Malaysian man who has been looking for wife number 6, after outliving four other partners, and divorcing the 5th. 

He is very lonely, he told the local paper, although with 20 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren, I’m at a loss to know why.

The Malay-language newspaper Utusan Malaysia has reported that he wanted company and a wife to take care of him. I’m sure most married men had the same view when they were single to.

At 82-years-old, a widow of 30 years and mother of nine, Sanah Ahmad is a spring chicken compared to our centenarian. She is keen to marry again too, and I guess at that age, and with the utmost respect, I guess you don’t ask too many questions, or be overly fussy. She asked her children to contact Ahmad’s family to make arrangements.

Ahmads response, some would say, is typical of a bachelor.

It doesn’t matter who she is, as long as she can cook for me. It is lonely to live alone and I am afraid to sleep alone. If I have a wife she can take care of me

But what did she see in the new mystery man?

Sanah told reporters that she was attracted to Ahmad as he bears a striking resemblance to her late husband and both men shared the same name.

I just hope she can cook, otherwise he may be looking for wife number seven.

[Courier Mail]

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