Punctured breast implant basis for bail application

A 46 year old Queensland woman, Leanne Maree Rogers,  has been charged with unlawful wounding, acts intended to maim (causing grievous bodily harm) and common assault, after repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend.

She applied for bail citing a burst breast implant as one of her medical reasons.

Rogers used a knife to stab her boyfriend five times in the chest and neck,  including a slash to his neck measuring 10cm by 5cm, a slash from his chest to his sternum measuring 15cm, and three other stab wounds to his chest.

He survived after undergoing surgery.

Not intent with just attacking her boyfriend, she also waved the knife towards a female witness which earned her the common assault charge.

Apparently the burst boob was causing pain and discomfort and needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. I dare say not as much pain and discomfort her boyfriend is suffering though. Defence solicitor Caitlyn Natalier said her clients medical issues were not being properly addressed in prison.

Her argument for bail is also based on the claim that she sustained a dislocated shoulder during the attack on her boyfriend. Plus, she suffers from injuries sustained in a car crash more than eight years ago. I guess the car accident injury was not that bad that it prevented her from slashing and stabbing though.

It has also been reported by her legal counsel that she suffers a personality disorder and has been suffering nightmares and flashbacks from the stabbing. I’m thinking her boyfriend can probably relate to that too, don’t you?

The magistrate denied her bail application and she was committed to stand trial in the Toowoomba Supreme Court.

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