Man Accused of Making Sex-Toy Bomb

Breaking up is hard to do and for some it leaves a lingering sense of resentment and a desire to blow up the one who broke your heart. At least this is the feeling it gave a 37-year old American man. He’s been arrested on suspicion of making and putting explosives into sex toys he planned on giving as Christmas gifts to ex-girlfriends.

Terry Allen Lester of Waseca, Minnesota has been charged with felony counts of making terrorist threats and creating an explosive device after police found one sex-toy bomb in a bag along with materials to make two others. The bag was left along with some other items when Lester moved from the apartment he shared with two female roommates.

When the roommates found the bag marked Christmas gifts they looked inside and found items that made them feel “uncomfortable.” Three vibrators were inside the bag – one already filled with explosives and a trigger. Another was pink with the words “Merry Christmas B—-“ written on it.

While Lester lived with the female roommates he told one of them his plans to give an ex girlfriend a modified sex toy that would explode when he pressed the trigger. The roommates are the ones who filed the criminal complaint and a bomb squad investigation found one toy was a homemade bomb. They also concluded the other two were safe but the other materials in the bag proved Lester intended to make bombs out of them as well. [Waseca County News]


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