Saudi Arabians arrest Israeli spy-bird.

An unrelated vulture, probably not tagged with a GPS.

An unrelated vulture, probably not tagged with a GPS.

In what at first seemed like the plot of an old Mel Brooks comedy, Saudi officials have caught, then later released a vulture that was tagged with a University of Tel-Aviv GPS.

Later the whole affair took a more serious turn, when Saudi officials, began accusing the Israelis, of having intentionally trained the bird as a spy, to gain information on them.

In this era of tiny flying helicopters and other remote controlled toys, it remains unexplained why the Israelis would go through the trouble of training these birds, when a miniature spy aircraft that is probably available on eBay, could be carrying all of the high-tech spy equipment.

Also, why would they have tagged it with their own University if they had wanted it to remain covert? It’s a bit akin to James Bond carrying around a British Intelligence briefcase and backpack, as well as wearing a Property of MI-5 t-shirt…

…and Austin Powers British Intelligence Speedos.

Incredibly, this story got even funnier, when the Sinai regional governor accused the Mossad of intentionally releasing a shark that maimed and killed some tourists in the Red Sea some time ago. Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha claims this could have been a covert Israeli operation with the goal of damaging the Saudi tourism industry.

Are Steve Martin and Adam Sandler working on a comedy based on this affair? I can’t say for sure, all I know is that I want a spy beaver next year for Christmas.


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