Pass the Meat Water

Remember that phony ad from The Simpsons that featured the phrase “the great taste of Worcestershire sauce in a soft drink”? It was ridiculous and funny to everyone who watched it, everyone except for Krautkraemer – the company that has brought us Meat Water.

I don’t know why someone would want to drink something that tastes like Tandoori Chicken or Liverwurst Sandwich but if that is your thing, I am all for it.

No word on pricing and despite the site claiming the contrary, it is possible that the whole thing is a joke – or at the very least, a clever way to promote the Meat Water merchandise. [AOL]


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and a reporter at large for We Interrupt and Uberreview. He currently resides in the Japanese countryside approximately two hours from Tokyo - where he has spent the better part of a decade testing his hypothesis that Japan is neither as quirky nor as interesting as others would have you believe.
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