Germans add naked sauce to sledding

In Germany, birthday suits you! For their third annual naked sledding race, men and women sled down the frozen hills of Braunlage, wearing nothing but their shoes, helmets and undies. Who says race also says prize, and they had a 830£ first prize, or just above 1300$. The competition which was being held in the Harz region, in Germany, attracted around 17.000 spectators and participants, up from last year’s 14.000.

And here, is a video of the inaugural event in 2009 to give a general idea of the whole atmosphere.

Adding this to the whole incident with the Argentinian version of Dancing With The Stars from earlier this week, where two contestants delivered what was decidedly a raunchy “not safe for work” performance much to the presenter’s dismay (and our amusement), this is forcing me to reconsider my residency in a prude area like mine where the best TV available is on the Internet.

It is my foremost opinion that in a bitterly cold area like Montreal, where the winters are as depressing as French Canadian Blues, we seriously need some kind of contest similar to that one. Topless bunnies riding some sleds down a hill, what say you bunnies? All we need are a couple of sponsors, and knowing town hall, some kind of permit…


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