Thief gets stuck in house, asks victim to let him out

If you’re going to rob a house, be sure you know how to get out.

That’s the lesson a thief in Poland learned when he broke into a man’s home and couldn’t get out – leaving him no choice but to ask for his victim’s help.

It turns out that the 27-year old thief, one Pawel Adamczyk, was drunk when he hatched a cunning plot that involved digging a hole through the garden fence and doing a bit of good ol’ fashioned stealing. The problem was that when he tried to get back out through his rabbit hole with his goodies – he couldn’t.

Encumbered by his loot, he had no choice but to knock on the victim’s door and ask him to let him through the front door.

The victim’s response? What any law-abiding citizen would do:

“I walloped him and called the cops.”


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